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Basha's Has Fresh Paczki for Fat Tuesday!

How would you pronounce this word?!


Actually pronounced “Poonch-key,"– Paczki are deep-fried pastries with decadent filling – aka, super decadent Polish donuts!

These are traditional, Polish Fat Tuesday treats. Historically, families would make them to use up items that were forbidden during the Lenten season, including fat, sugar, eggs, and fruit. They used these ingredients to make sweet, indulgent pastries called Paczki.

People look forward to “Paczki Day” every year, as evidenced by how many visits

Bashas’ bakeries receive every Fat Tuesday. That’s because Bashas' is the only local

grocer in town that makes Paczki from scratch!

Paczki are glazed or sugared, and filled with raspberry, lemon, custard, or chocolate

filling. Glazed Paczki with cinnamon and raisins are especially popular!

No matter what flavor is your favorite, you’ll find delicious Paczki at a great price at

Bashas’ bakeries. A half-dozen is regularly priced at $5.49; however, it will ring up at

$3.99 with your Bashas’ Thank You Card phone number, or at $2.99 if you have

selected the digital coupon for Paczki through Bashas’ Personal Thank You app. (One

digital coupon per customer, valid for the first two boxes.) An individual Paczek (“Poon-

check”) is regularly priced at 89 cents; however, it will ring up at 79 cents with your

Bashas’ Thank You Card phone number.

The best part of all? When you purchase your Paczki at Bashas’ bakeries on Tuesday,

Feb. 13, you’ll be supporting local families in need. Bashas’ will donate 10% of all Paczki

sales on Fat Tuesday to St. Vincent de Paul.

When: Tuesday, Feb. 13 (Fat Tuesday), from 6 a.m. to close

Where: Bashas’ more than 50 supermarkets throughout the state

Why: Paczki are Polish pastries typically enjoyed on Fat Tuesday. Inviting the community to

give back while enjoying the tasty pastries is part of Bashas’ tradition of giving. Bashas’

has donated more than $100 million to local charities since 1932.

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