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Twin Peaks: GOOD Game Day Food!

I visited a Twin Peaks restaurant several years ago, and honestly...It was nothing to write home about (or anywhere else for that matter). The food was bland and the menu was the same as every other sports bar with scantily clad servers. I wasn't impressed, so when we got the invite to visit them again, I had no expectations.

The last time I went I DID enjoy the wintery, mountain cabin look and feel of the place. That was the one thing I was really looking forward to. It was a Wednesday night, and the Diamondbacks game was on, so what seemed like HUNDREDS of TVs were tuned in to Goldie, Archie, Souza and the like. We sat out on the patio, where the misters were creating a nice, cool climate on this 100+ degree evening. I found myself wishing for winter, so we could sit around in the recliners, with the fire pit roaring. Today we settled for misters and margaritas!

Yes. The clientele was about 99% men. Yes. The servers were wearing little tops and shorts. And yes, I was there with my mom. WHO CARES?! This place was pretty cool! And the servers were friendly and outgoing with EVERYONE, not just the men. We also sat down to a VERY different menu that consisted of charcuterie boards, premium burgers and delicious salads! We immediately ordered one of each, and my expectations had already changed.

The meat and cheese board features a jalapeño cheddar sausage, spicy cappacola, sopressata, smoked gouda, sriracha pimento cheese, creole mustard, grilled sourdough bread and their signature "Billionaire's Bacon." Rumor has it that this delicious, crispy, candied bacon is something that people go CRAZY for in the Twin Peaks parts, and I can see exactly why!

There's something really special about a good burger and fries at a sports bar. It's even better when the restaurant actually cares about what they're serving to their clientele. Therefore, we had to try the Hangover Burger. I'm crazy for ANYTHING with loads of bacon and a freshly fried egg on top, and this baby can easily be breakfast, lunch or dinner on game day. Did I mention that the french fries were perfectly hot and crispy?!

Now, we know we can't always eat cholesterol laden-burgers and still look our best. And a good salad now and then might just hit the spot. For this, the steak salad is by far your best bet at Twin Peaks. They cooked us up some perfectly medium-rare sirloin steak, fresh Southwest veggies and a jalapeño honey vinaigrette!

At this point, we were full, but my new best friend (and our server) Kaylie highly suggested we try some dessert. The warm apple turnovers at Twin Peaks were the perfect dessert for sharing. Crispy, hot turnovers with vanilla ice cream and warm caramel sauce made for the perfectly comfortable finish.

Ladies, let your man have his eye candy. Go to Twin Peaks with him for game day, because the food is actually really delicious! I can't wait to go back when it's colder outside and curl up in front of the fire pit with a glass of wine, another meat and cheese board and watch the Cardinals WIN!

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