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Oggi's Flatbread Frenzy!

Oggi's Short Rib Nachos

It feels good to turn the oven off, let the stove cool down and NOT do the dishes once in a while. I have to admit, the more I cook, the more I don't like restaurants. But, there are a few places in Phoenix where I know I can get consistently good food, eat in a child friendly environment, and watch the game with fellow Arizona sports fans.

I remember visiting Oggi's a LOT when we lived in San Diego. I think I pretty much LIVED on their Waldorf salad when I was working in the stressful and extremely corrupt mortgage industry (don't even get me started on that story). When we moved to Arizona, I was delighted to see an Oggi's just off 67th Avenue on the 101 in Glendale. Little did I know, it was the ONLY location in the entire state of Arizona! It's been more than 10 years since they opened their doors, and they're STILL packing in the people for parties, sports and fun.

Flatbread pizzas seem to be a big restaurant trend right now, but Oggi's has done something different and AMAZING! I stopped in yesterday to explore their new feature "Flatbread Frenzy" menu, and let's just say I had to DOUBLE my running time later that afternoon to burn off the calories!

Feeling Eggcellent Flatbread

Think about breakfast. Think about high-end Italian food. Think about healthy eating. And think about DESSERT! I can imagine these are all the things Oggi's was thinking about when they came up with these recipes!

After seeing initial photos, I was sure the "Feeling Eggcellent" flatbread was going to be my favorite. Garlic olive oil brushed flatbread, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, bacon, fresh jalapeño, red and green onion, and FRIED EGGS. Breakfast gone bonkers! The Chicken and Prosciutto Flatbread however, gave the breakfast baby a run for its money! More flatbread with Alfredo and Mozzarella (you had me there), herb marinated portobello mushrooms, grilled chicken, prosciutto cubes, peppery arugula, feta and a DELICIOUS, sweet balsamic glaze!

Chicken and Prosciutto Flatbread

If you love healthy veggies, but also LOOVE pizza and flatbread, then the Roasted Butternut flatbread is your go-to with more garlic olive oil brushed flatbread, mozzarella, parmesan, roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries (YUM!), crispy bacon and crunchy fried kale!

But get a load of this...a BANANA SPLIT DELIGHT Flatbread for DESSERT! I made sure to save LOTS of room for this one, even after deciding to order some of the short rib nachos. I couldn't resist after seeing the drool-worthy photo on their appetizer menu! The cinnamon sugar topped flatbread is covered with a homemade chocolate ganache, fresh cut bananas, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, cashews, cherries, whipped cream and powdered sugar! The best part of this for me though, is that they cook the bananas with the flatbread, so you get these DELICIOUS, roasted banana flavor with all the other ice cream sundae fixings!

Roasted Butternut Flatbread

My favorite turned out to be a tie between the banana split and the chicken prosciutto. My eight-year-old LOVED the "Eggy Pizza," as he called it.

Whichever flatbread you choose during this "frenzy," you're sure not to be disappointed. Check out Oggi's off 67th Avenue during the March Madness tournament where they'll be ready with the perfect beer pairing for all of these amazing dishes!

Banana Split Delight

About Oggi’s Sports | Brewhouse | Pizza

For 26 years, Oggi’s Sports|Brewhouse|Pizza has continued to define craft brewing, fresh pizza and brewpub favorites in Southern California and Arizona. Oggi’s has 16 full-service locations and one Oggi’s Pizza Express location, all with sports-themed atmospheres. The menu features signature pizzas, pasta entrees and desserts alongside their original beer pairings. Each location has 10 original brews on tap at a time, including one seasonal and one barrel-aged. Oggi’s boasts award-winning brews, which have over 60 medals in international, national and regional beer competitions. Oggi’s is the exclusive pizza sold at the Angels Stadium in Anaheim. For more information, including franchising,

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